For the month of October, Quit Tea will be available for £5.99 a box on, to coincide with the #Stoptober campaign. Quit Co. wants to support smokers trying to quit, and the important public health efforts of the NHS.

GREENWICH, CT., Wednesday, September 30, 2015 – Tomorrow is the start of the 4th annual Stoptober, an annual NHS public health campaign to encourage people to stop smoking during for the month of October. To support smokers trying to quit for Stoptober, Quit Co. is offering a 33% discount on Quit Tea on

For the entire month of October, Quit Tea will be available for £5.99 a box, with free delivery in the UK on orders over £20. This is £3.00 off the regular retail price. The deal can be found on Quit Co. wanted to take the opportunity to support the important public health efforts of the NHS, and all those smokers trying to stick with their pledge to stay smoke free for the month.

Smokers are encouraged to sign up on the NHS Stoptober website using their name, address, and email to access support over 28 days. Stoptober, which was launched in 2012, is run by Public Health England. Last year, more than a 250,000 smokers registered for Stoptober. Those who joined the campaign, and did not smoke for 28 days, were 5 times more likely to remain smoke free than those who did not, according to NHS organizers.

Quit Tea has been available for sale in Western Europe for 3 years, with steady sales, and positive endorsements. One high profile endorsement came from Shirley Amy, a holistic health specialist and smoking cessation expert, and author of “The Winning Way To Quit Smoking.” Quit Tea is discussed and recommended in the book.

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Based in Greenwich, Conn., The Quit Company, LLC “Quit Co.” develops products designed to help people quit smoking for good, based on behavioral modification principles of quitting smoking. Quit Tea is an herbal supplement intended to help replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea by temporarily supporting willpower, detoxifying the body, improving lung health, and more.

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The Quit Company, LLC
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