You Will Earn More Being A Nonsmoker

Ever think that you are poorer because you spend so much money on cigarettes!? Well you might also feel that you should be earning more money at work too. A new study found that former and non smokers earn higher wages than smokers. So while you are spending over $2,400 a year on cigarettes, you are also making less at work than you should.

Workers Taking A Smoke BreakJulie Hotchkiss and Melinda Pitts, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, studied the relationship between smoking and wages. They used date from 1992 to 2011, and found that smokers earned about 80% as much as nonsmokers. Even smoking one cigarette a day is enough to be the difference in wages between smokers and nonsmokers.

There many possible explanations for why this is the case. One is that tobacco usage makes workers less productive. Smokers require cigarette breaks, and have increased rates of absenteeism. “Smoking erodes the value of your human capital in the labor market,” said Ms. Pitts. However, the study didn’t find a difference in wages between heavy and lighters smokers, possibly indicating that being less productive is not the explanation for the wage gap.

Smoke Breaks Cost You WagesThe researchers theory is that the personality and characteristics it takes to quit smoking are highly rewarded by employers. “It takes a special person to quit an addictive behavior, and there is a higher reward for smoking cessation than not ever starting it,” said Ms. Pitts. “I think the qualities of persistence, patience and everything else that goes along with being able to quit are valuable to employers.”

I have always said that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you may ever have to do, and if you can give up cigarettes, then you can do anything. Your employer will recognize your will power and reward you for it. If you are earning less at work, then quit smoking, your perseverance will pay off big time.

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