The Quit Company, LLC launched, a website that brings together the best resources from all over, providing easy access in one location, to help smokers create a plan and successfully quit smoking.

GREENWICH, CT., March 24, 2015 – is a new, free, easy to use, resource for creating a successful quit smoking plan. The website guides smokers through a simple step-by-step process of quizzes, and information to help develop individualized plan that works.

Nicotine addiction is a disease, which lasts a few days to a few weeks after ceasing. But smoking is also a habit, deeply engrained in the brain, and can last a lifetime. It is Quit Co.’s mission to help smokers understand the habit loop of smoking, and how to replace the habit of smoking with a healthy new habit. This process is known as habit reversal or the Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking, and can be a powerful tool for quitting. process begins with a very simple video and explanation of the habit loop and the Substitution Strategy. Learning about the habit loop helps smokers to become aware of their own triggers to smoke, and their personal rewards for smoking, which helps to figure out the right alternative habits to replace smoking.

The next steps are the Cigarette Cost Calculator, Cigarette Smoking Knowledge Test, and the Nicotine Dependence Quiz. The results help to teach a few basic facts about cigarette smoking, illustrate an urgency to quit, for financial and health reasons, and are important for crafting a plan. Then the website lays out the very simple steps to creating an individual Quit Smoking Plan. The creation of a good plan is essential to successfully quitting smoking.

The following few steps present some of the best resources available. This includes online support and help forums, text message support, smartphone apps, books, and finally to an online shop where virtually all smoking cessation aids options can be found and purchased. There is also a forum and News & Information section for additional resources.

Quit Co. founder Matt Bucklin set out to gather all the best resources to help smokers, and make them easy to access in one place. So far, web traffic analytics show that 89% site visitors follow the steps. All of the products and services from Quit Co. help smokers quit naturally, without drugs or more nicotine, and are based on herbal remedies and behavioral modification principles.

About The Quit Company, LLC

Based in Greenwich, CT., The Quit Company, LLC “Quit Co.” develops products and services designed to help people quit smoking for good, based on behavioral modification principles. Quit Tea is an herbal supplement intended to help replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea by temporarily supporting willpower, detoxifying the body, improving lung health, and more.

SOURCE: The Quit Company, LLC

The Quit Company, LLC
Matthew Bucklin, President

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