The Quit Company

The Quit Company, LLC, or “Quit Co.” is dedicated to creating¬†products and services, and providing information, to help smokers develop a plan to quit smoking by replacing the habit with something healthy. It is our mission to help smokers create a new healthy lifestyle using behavioral modification principles, and educating on the Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking.

Effects of cigarette smoking - lung cancer.“Nicotine, as well as other addictions are very multidimensional, involving the behavioral, social and physiological mechanisms. Treatment of nicotine could be more involved than other addictions because nicotine is one of our most addictive drugs, being more addictive in comparison to heroin. Therefore, treatment of nicotine addiction requires appropriate treatment of the behavioral manifestations to be totally successful.”

– Clyde B. McCoy, PhD

Professor & Chair Emeritus, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Director, Comprehensive Drug Research Center
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

The Quit Company, LLC History

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Matt Bucklin quits smoking right after college by doing a herbal detox, and completely lost his taste for cigarettes. This inspired research into herbs for quitting smoking.


Matt Bucklin is working as a pharmaceutical analyst, and comes to believe that the difficultly with quitting smoking is much more than the addiction to nicotine, it is the deeply engrained habit, and the only way to stop the habit is to replace it with something else.

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Future Of Tea


Realizing that herbal tea is, not only becoming trendy in New York City, but is the perfect healthy habit replacement for smoking, Matt Bucklin researches and develops Quit Tea to help help smokers replace the habit naturally.


Quit Tea LLC is incorporated in the State of Maine in December 2009, and in 2010 the company is set up, and an informal study is conducted of Quit Tea where 65 test Quit Tea for 9 weeks, and at the end 17% remain smoke free.

Alternative Medicine
Quit Tea on the shelf at Whole Foods Market


Quit Tea launches nation wide with distribution through Select Nutrition Distributors and selling in independent health food stores, pharmacies, and even Whole Foods Market.


Quit Tea becomes available at dozens of corporate and government health fairs across the country, including the Department of Health and Human Services and many more.

Quit Tea display at Department of Health and Human Services Health Fair
Quit Tea on Ozarks Live New Years Resolution Product Lineup


Quit Tea becomes a featured product on many New Years Resolution healthy product lines ups, including on Ozarks Live.


Founder Matt Bucklin goes on CNBC’s show Power Pitch to talk about Quit Tea and the business of smoking cessation.

Quit Tea on CNBC Power Pitch
Quit Tea company warehouse


Quit Tea LLC becomes The Quit Company, LLC, or “Quit Co.” as it expands the company mission and product line beyond the original product Quit Tea.


Quit Tea becomes the #1¬†selling “natural” or “alternative quit smoking aid” on the market, being featured in commercials on television for healthy New Years Resolutions.

Quit Tea on TV commercial for New Years Resolution
Quit Tea Box on Taoboa in China


Quit Tea is sold internationally in Western Europe and China.

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