Extreme Nicotine Dependence

You Scored 9-10 On The Nicotine Dependence Quiz

Natural Caduceus ConceptGroup Name: Extreme Dependence

Percent of Smokers:  5%

Withdrawal Severity: Severe and Long Lasting

Treatment Options:  Talk to a Doctor, Combination Therapies, Nicotine Replacement a Must, Antidepressants, Smoking Cessation Group Counseling, Behavioral Modification, Hypnosis, Acupuncture,One-on-one Counseling, Natural Remedies, Lifestyle Change.

If you are in this group you have an extreme dependence to nicotine.  This is a small group of people that are predisposed to other psychological disorders like depression and anxiety, the cigarettes are just part of coping.  The withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating and you should not try quitting cold turkey. Quitting will be difficult, but definitely possible!

It could possibly take you a few tries to quit smoking, and you should definitely consult a physician.  You will need to talk to a doctor and a counselor is a good idea.  Nicotine replacement is a must.  Enrolling in a smoking cessation support group would be a good idea.  And you should combine multiple treatment options with herbal remedies and lifestyle changes like adding exercise and avoiding places where people are smoking.


Young woman breaking cigarette over white backgroundNicotine Replacement Therapy

And 1 Or 2 Of:

  • Behavior Modification Therapy with Professional
  • Smoking Cessation Classes
  • Zyban

And 2 Of:

  • Quit Tea
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis
  • Other Natural Remedies

Ready To Quit Smoking?

Make A Quit Smoking Plan


*You should research all options. You should consult with your doctor about quitting smoking.

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