High Nicotine Dependence

You Scored 7-8 On The Nicotine Dependence Quiz

Natural Caduceus ConceptGroup Name: High Dependence

Percent of Smokers:  15%

Withdrawal Severity: Difficult and Long Lasting

Treatment Options:  Combination Therapies a Must!, Nicotine Replacement, Antidepressants, Behavioral Modification Therapy, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Smoking Cessation Group Counseling, Chantix, Natural Remedies.

If you are in this group you have a high dependence to nicotine.  This group will not only include those mostly psychologically addicted to cigarettes but highly physically addicted to nicotine.  People in this group probably have a tendency to depression and are easily addicted.  There is a high risk of smoking related disorders.

It take you a couple of tries to quit smoking, but don’t give up, you can do it!  While you are in a smaller group of people that are going to have a hard time giving up smoking, it is not impossible and has been done before.  Remember, you will not die if you don’t get another cigarette.

Combination therapy for you is a must.  Nicotine replacement therapy is necessary and should be used for longer durations than recommended.  You should talk to a doctor and consider antidepressants like Zyban.  The doctor may also prescribe Chantix, although it has many side effects and is not necessary.  There are also natural remedies that can be a big help in supplementing medicines.  A smoking cessation group is a good idea for support and information.


  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Young woman breaking cigarette over white backgroundAnd 2 of:

  • Quit Tea
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis
  • Other Natural Remedies

And 1 of:

  • Group Therapy
  • Behavior Modification
  • Zyban

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*You should research all options.

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