Low Nicotine Dependence

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Group Name: Low Dependence

Percent of Smokers:  20%

Withdrawal Severity: Few and Light

Treatment Options:  Cold Turkey, Natural Remedies, Lifestyle Change, Other Natural Remedies

If you are in this group you have a low dependence to nicotine.  This group includes the social smokers, people who smoke for very few cigarettes per day, those who have not smoked for long, and everyone lucky enough not to easily become addicted.  Remember, if you are in this group, cigarettes cause the same amount of damage to your lungs and are just as unappealing to others as if you were severely addicted!

Your chances of quitting success are very high.  You can probably give up smoking cold turkey without too many problems.  Some assistance from natural remedies might make withdrawal easier.

*You should research all options.
Try 1 Or 2:*

  • Cold Turkey
  • Quit Tea
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Other Natural Remedies


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*You should research all options.

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