Of course it is always advisable to quit smoking. Ceasing the use of tobacco is the number one thing anyone can do to improve health. However, there are many ways to become healthier first, which will also make it easier for you to quit smoking later. Having a healthy diet, taking vitamins and supplements, regular exercise, enough sleep, and detoxing are all important for preventing disease, reducing stress, and improving health.

Proper Nutrition

Healthy Foods to quit smokingRaw fruits and vegetables are wonderful for your health and quitting smoking. There is has been a lot of research into raw foods for quitting smoking. Raw foods can change the perceived pleasure from smoking. Studies have shown that enzymes in uncooked food bind with compounds left in the mouth after smoking and produce an unpleasant aftertaste that the brain may learn to associate with tobacco. Also, consuming raw foods, like carrots, celery, berries, help keep your hands and mouth busy while quitting.


Thankfully, it is possible to at least neutralize some of the damage done by smoking through proper nutrition. Vitamins A, C, D, and E, are found in fruits and vegetables, and should also be heavily supplemented to help improve your body’s response to damaged cells. Diseases happens when your body is not properly repairing damaged tissues, or is not able to keep up with the damage being done.  A high quality multivitamin is a good start.

Young beautiful fitness girl doing yoga exercise to quit smokingExercise

Exercise is so important for your health and quitting smoking. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve mood, increase energy and control weight, and help you sleep better. Exercise helps you quit by improving blood flow and causing a release of the pleasure hormone dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical that nicotine triggers, and during withdrawal your levels of dopamine drop, leading to feelings of depression. Just 20 minutes of exercise will make your brain start releasing dopamine again, and help you feel better.


Quit Nutrition Bottle FrontThe body’s own detoxing organs, the liver, kidneys, and colon, are excellent at collecting and removing waste and toxins from your body. These organs also need proper nutritional support to work properly, because they are working overtime. It is important to drink lots of water, and have a healthy raw foods in your diet to support these cleaning organs. Removing toxins is helpful for quitting smoking because the sooner nicotine and other toxins are completely out of the system, the sooner your feelings of withdrawal will subside.

People who smoke tend to be less healthy in general, not eating properly or exercising enough, taking vitamins, and getting regular sleep. A healthy diet and lifestyle, proper sleep, and exercise, will help improve healthy and make it easier to quit smoking. You can do all of these things now to start improving your health, and eventually giving up smoking will seem easy!

Replace your habit now!




Nicotine addiction is a disease.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This article is designed for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement, not to replace, consultation with a physician.

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