Cara Citrowske’s Discusses Smoking Triggers and Using Quit Tea

Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, and Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Cara Citrowske, received an interesting question from her client Holly.  She asked “what am I going to do with myself in the evenings if I don’t smoke?”

There are so many different times of the day that are punctuated by smoking; in the morning with coffee, in the car, breaks at work, after meals, unwinding before bed, and socializing.  Cara wants to help you break the triggers to quit smoking.

We sent her a few boxes of Quit Tea so that she could try it, and share with her quit smoking hotties.

To change a behavior, you have to start by identifying your triggers.  Cara’s advice is to make a list in one column of your triggers on week days, and for weekends.  Then make a list in another column of what you are going to do instead of smoking.  You could take a walk, call a friend, or make a cup of Quit Tea!

If you are going to use Quit Tea, you need to plan ahead.  You should boil water, and be ready to steep your tea when you are triggered to smoke.  Make sure you have your Quit Tea with you and are able to make your tea, or else have some already brewed and ready to go.  If a behavior can’t be started within 30 seconds after a trigger, it won’t be effective.

Quitting smoking is hard, but it is absolutely doable.  When you are drinking your cup of Quit Tea, celebrate the fact that you are making a good decision and not smoking!

Drinking Quit Tea helps you replace the unhealthy habit of smoking with the healthy habit of drinking a herbal tea.  It helps you reduce stress, and curb those cravings.

Cara will help you develop a plan for quitting smoking and become a smoke-free hottie!

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