On the first official day of online sales of Quit Tea, orders exceeded initial daily volume estimates.

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME., May 22, 2010 – Quit Tea LLC has begun nation-wide distribution of Quit Tea, its proprietary herbal quit smoking aid, with higher than expected volume. The initial online advertising and social media marketing was expected to yield small initial sales, estimated 5 to 10 boxes per day, but on its first day of taking orders Quit Tea LLC shipped over 45 boxes.

The shipments included a combination of sales and trials. Quit Tea LLC is conducting a trial of efficacy of Quit Tea as a smoking cessation aid. The company is providing free boxes of Quit Tea in return for participation in completing a series of surveys regarding each individuals experience with quitting smoking using Quit Tea.

Quit Tea is sold exclusively on the company eCommerce website http://thequitco.com. One box of Quit Tea costs $7.50, which is $0.10 less than the average national 2-pack-a-day smokers would spend on cigarettes. Quit Tea LLC is working on developing partnerships with smoking cessation product distribution websites and health food stores to also sell Quit Tea.

About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea LLC is a privately held company based in Northeast Harbor, Maine. The company was incorporated in December 2009 and selling Quit Tea, its proprietary herbal quit smoking aid, since May 2010. Quit Tea is a natural blend of herbs and spices that will help people stop smoking. It is effective at relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms, increasing energy, suppressing cigarette cravings, improving lung function, and replacing the habit of smoking.


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