Before selling Quit Tea on the market, we wanted to test it to make sure it helped a great number of people, and get their feed back on how it worked as a smoking cessation aid.

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME., July 23, 2010 – Quit Tea LLC has posted some of the initial trial results online. They can be found here:  Quit Tea Trial Results. The results are based on 65 individuals using Quit Tea as part of a smoking cessation program. All individuals are at different points in their smoking cessation programs and so any question could be based on a different number of responses. The results show a positive trend in efficacy as smoking cessation aid, but at this point are not considered statistically significant.

Quit Tea LLC would like to highlight that almost 80% of respondents report feeling “less desire to smoke” after using Quit Tea. Also, roughly 60% of respondents report stopping smoking in the 1st week of trials. Over 75% of respondents describe Quit Tea as either “helpful,” “effective,” or “very effective” as a smoking cessation aid. And over 80% plan to continue use of Quit Tea after the 1st week to help them stop smoking.

Last month Quit Tea LLC began conducting trials of Quit Tea. This is the first large scale trial on a population of anonymous smokers in the United States testing Quit Tea’s efficacy as a smoking cessation aid. The trials consist of a series of 5 online surveys; one initial survey to get a profile of respondents, and then surveys at weeks 1, 4, 8, and 16 after starting use of Quit Tea for smoking cessation.

Quit Tea LLC is looking to expand the trial to at least 200 respondents. Anyone that would like to sign up for this trial should go to and take the survey on the Quit Tea Home Page, leaving complete contact information at the end of the survey. A package will be shipped the next day with 2 boxes of Quit Tea. Respondents will then be asked to fill out the series of surveys after starting use of Quit Tea. As much Quit Tea will be provided to the respondents as needed to complete the series of surveys. Quit Tea LLC is also taking web orders for anyone that would like to purchase Quit Tea and not participate in the surveys.

About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea LLC is a privately held company based in Northeast Harbor, Maine. The company was incorporated in December 2009 and has been selling Quit Tea, its proprietary, patent-pending, herbal quit smoking aid, since May 2010. Quit Tea is a natural blend of herbs and spices that will help people stop smoking. It is effective at relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms, increasing energy, suppressing cigarette cravings, improving lung function, and replacing the habit of smoking.


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