Health food stores are a natural fit for Quit Tea to begin retail sales, with stores in New England, Michigan, New York, and California, first buying wholesale direct.

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME., October 15, 2010 – Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea LLC has begun its transition from Internet-only sales to wholesale sales through the retail channel. Initially sales of Quit Tea will be direct sales only, without going through a distributor, into independent and small chain health food stores. The focus will be in the New England area as a test market for retail distribution, but already health food stores in California, New York, and Michigan have picked up Quit Tea for resale.

This new distribution method for Quit Tea will open up significant portions of the market not previously accessed. While research for smoking cessation information and methods on the internet is growing rapidly, the vast majority of purchases of smoking cessation aids is done in retail.

Quit Tea is sold in wholesale in cases of 6 boxes for $30.00, $5.00 per box, with a $7.50 per box suggested retail price. That provides health food stores the typical 33% margin required on tea. And for now, Quit Tea LLC is offering any retail store one free case as a thank you for finding shelf space. Any retailer interested in carrying Quit Tea should contact

The company’s marketing strategy includes mostly direct sampling to smokers interested in quitting, through proprietary sources.

About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea LLC is a privately held company based in Northeast Harbor, Maine. The company was incorporated in December 2009 and selling Quit Tea, its proprietary natural stop smoking aid, since May 2010. Quit Tea is a natural blend of herbs and spices used as a smoking cessation aid, alone or in combination. It is effective at relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms, increasing energy, suppressing the appetite, reducing cigarette cravings, improving lung function, and replacing the habit of smoking.


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