Quit Texts LogoWe have created a new text messaging program to help smokers prepare to quit 1 week before their Quit Date, and 1 month after quitting, 40 messages in total. This free SMS service was created by Quit Co. to help encourage smokers to develop a personal quit smoking plan, and to stick with it for at least 3 months.

Every morning at 7:00 am a supportive and informative text message will arrive. The short messages are intended to give encouragement, provide useful information about replacing the habit of smoking, learning your triggers, offering possible alternative habits, and mindfulness about your rewards.

Sign up exactly 1 week before your Quit Date. For example, if you want to quit on a Monday, sign up the previous Monday. If you decide to move your Quit Date, you can always reply “stop” to stop the text messages, and then sign up again when you are ready.

Sign up for Quit Texts Here


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