Quit Co. is getting into the eCommerce business by launching QuitMarket.com to screen, and provide all the alternatives in one place, bringing options to the 68% of smokers attempting to quit each year with home remedies or cold turkey.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL., Wednesday, August 2, 2017 – The Quit Company recently launched QuitMarket.com a dedicated online marketplace where smokers can find all the best natural and alternative products to help them replace the habit for good, and get healthy. The eCommerce site will eventually include an extensive selection of products, and a customizable subscription box.

Quit Co. hopes to change the way smokers create a plan, find helpful resources, and shop for the products that will help them. “Various approaches are necessary because there’s no one way to get people to stop smoking” according to Dr. Steven Schroeder, Director of the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center. Quit Co. understands every smoker has different habits and personalities. So while one thing might not work for everyone, everyone can find something that helps.

The company will use experts and consumer feedback to screen all the potential options that others have found helpful in the past and make them available on QuitMarket.com. Also, there is a free sample pack of all the products available on the site, so smokers can try everything and figure out what will and will not work for them.

The market for non-nicotine replacement therapy and non-prescription medication options for quitting smoking is small, but growing. Recent studies show that of the 15-16 million smokers in the US that try to quit every year, 68% will attempt to quit ‘cold turkey’ or with home remedies, meaning they would prefer not to use NRT or prescription drugs. QuitMarket.com plans to educate potential customers that there are other options to help improve health and replace their smoking habit, then find the ones that will work for them.

A specialized eCommerce site for smokers, like QuitMarket.com, has been attempted by at least three different companies in the past 7 years, and all are no longer in operation. This attempt should be different, because it will build off an existing customer base of people that have tried and are aware of Quit Tea, Quit Co.’s first product that has been around since 2010 and used by over 400,000 smokers. The subscription box will also be a first of its kind. The intention is that having a box arrive every month, with product of ones own choosing, will help adherence to a personal smoking cessation plan.

About The Quit Company, LLC

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Quit Company, LLC “Quit Co.” develops products and services designed to temporarily support willpower to help smokers replace their habit for good. Quit Co. also operates eCommerce site QuitMarket.com, a smokers online marketplace for alternatives to quit smoking. Products are based on the Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking.

SOURCE: The Quit Company, LLC

The Quit Company, LLC
Matthew Bucklin, President

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