Since 2011, Quit Tea LLC has sent out over 250,000 samples to smokers across the United States. The program was a huge success, but as of January 2014, all samples will go through sampling services like Conscious Box, online retailers like Abe’s Market, and in PDQs in retail stores wherever Quit Tea is sold.

NEW YORK, NY., November 26, 2013 – Quit Tea LLC considers the last three years of sampling a major marketing success. Over a quarter million smokers across the United States have now tried a cup of Quit Tea and are familiar with the brand. However, the company decided to end the direct to interested-consumers, free sampling program, and replace it with a program to better support retailers.

In follow up surveys, Quit Tea LLC found that between 15% and 20% of those who tried a cup, were likely to purchase Quit Tea at some point in the future. Smokers often set their “Quit Date” at some important date in the future, such as a birthday, anniversary, or New Years. “That type of response is a sign that this sampling program needs to continue, but in a new way that better supports retailers,” said Matt Bucklin, President of Quit Tea LLC.

The last batch of free samples of Quit Tea will be sent in December, 2013 and the online sign up pages will be redirected. In January 2014, 20,000 samples of Quit Tea will go out in every Conscious Box. Conscious Box is a sampling service that sends out a box of samples of the best, healthy, new, and unique products every month to health conscious consumers.

After January, Quit Tea hopes to better support retailers by giving them samples to send to their interested customers. Abe’s Market is an online retailer specializing in healthy and natural products. They have their own sampling program that Quit Tea LLC will work with in 2014. Since 80% of all supplements go through brick and mortar retailers still, Quit Tea LLC will support retailers selling Quit Tea by providing every one of them with a PDQ. PDQ is a retail acronym for “pretty darn quick,” a display unit that holds product.

Any retailers interested in learning more about selling Quit Tea in their store should visit their page Become a Quit Tea Retailer. Quit Tea is the #1 Best Selling Alternative Quit Smoking Aid on the market.


About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea is a blend of herbs and spices that is intended to help you replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea. Quit Tea will help temporarily support your willpower, to get through cravings, and start a new healthier lifestyle. Quit Tea is a product of Quit Tea LLC and has been on the market since May 2010. Quit Tea LLC is a privately owned company based in New York, New York.


Quit Tea LLC
Matthew Bucklin, President

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