Results are overwhelmingly positive for Quit Co.’s new product Quit Support. In surveys of 83 smokers, 89% were able to refrain from or cut down on smoking, and even after 1 month, 42% found Quit Support helpful.

GREENWICH, CT., Wednesday, July 15, 2015 – Over the Spring of 2015, Quit Co. found 83 smokers to test their newest product Quit Support, for 1 month, and provide feedback. The results exceed expectations, with 42% reporting that they found Quit Support “helpful” and plan to continue use. Quit Support is a blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals intended to help support a smoking cessation plan, and supplement the use of Quit Tea, to help replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea.

Every participant in the testing group received 1 bottle of Quit Support and 1 box of Quit Tea. The group was surveyed 4 times; once before using Quit Support, then after using Quit Support at weeks 1, 2, and 4. Of the 83 interested participants, only 78% were currently trying to quit smoking. The average age was 40, and had tried to quit smoking 6 times. Everyone had previously taken the Nicotine Dependence Quiz and the average score was a 6, indicating a slightly higher than average addiction.

By week 4, 36 participants were still using Quit Support consistently, and found it helpful. This 42% positive feedback was much higher than expected, and significantly higher than most survey results of smokers attempting to quit. Survey participants used Quit Support alone, and in combination with Quit Tea over the month. After week 2, 62% reported the combined effect was “just right,” with only 2 people reporting the combination had “too much” of an effect.

Some surprising findings were that 71% had previously used electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking, even more than the nicotine replacement patch or gum. Quit Co. also asked some of the specific effects and were surprised that less than 30% found Quit Support caused participants to feel “drowsy” or “sleepy.” It is a high number, but the natural ingredients often have a sedating side effect.

Not everyone finished all 4 surveys. For the sake of statistical integrity, Quit Co. assumed that if the participant dropped out of the survey group they were no longer happy with the product, and so a non-response was counted as a negative response when appropriate.

Most of the results can be found here on the Quit Support Results page. Quit Support is now available for sale on, and an official launch with Select Nutrition Distributors, a division of UNFI, is planned for the Fall of 2015.

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Based in Greenwich, Conn., The Quit Company, LLC “Quit Co.” develops products and services designed to help people quit smoking for good, based on behavioral modification principles. Quit Tea is an herbal supplement intended to help replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea by temporarily supporting willpower, detoxifying the body, improving lung health, and more.

SOURCE: The Quit Company, LLC

The Quit Company, LLC
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