The new book “The Winning Way To Quit Smoking” by Shirley Amy, a nutritional and holistic health specialist, recommends Quit Tea as part of the quitting protocol.

New York, New York., August 27, 2013 – In an exciting new book on natural and holistic ways to quit smoking Shirley Amy recommends Quit Tea as part of her natural quit smoking protocol. In chapters 5 – 8 of her book Amy covers The Prep Zone, which includes getting “supplies of successful and wonderful natural support products such as Quit Tea.”

Shirley Amy gave Quit Tea a very positive endorsement on The Winning Way To Quit Smoking Blog. “This product is recommended as part of “The Winning Way to Quit Smoking” protocol. It is a successful natural proven aid for smokers who are trying to quit. It is a specially formulated herbal tea which is aimed to support your willpower, reduce cravings, de-stress and relax, increase energy, lessen hunger pangs, and improve lung function. It can be taken for a limited period of weeks, or indefinitely. Keeping some at work as well as home is a great strategy!”

“The Winning Way To Quit Smoking” is a unique, natural, and effective program, which incorporates Health Science, and embraces Complementary and Nutritional Therapy to weaken cravings, and the uses various methods to change a smoker’s mindset. It is designed to slowly and systematically change smokers into non-smokers (in around six months) without the need for nicotine replacement products and anti-smoking drugs, which in the light of recent research may pose serious health dangers.

Shirley Amy is a Nutritional and Holistic Health Specialist. She holds various University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, and Holistic Therapy. This includes current cutting-edge research in the fields of: biochemistry, genetics, immunology, and life extension. She holds a particular interest in the key areas on the effects of smoking and other negative lifestyle factors. Shirley’s inspirational Holistic approach of changing smokers into non-smokers is accessible to everyone. The techniques and information she shares with her readers is clearly and succinctly explained, giving encouragement and guidance to move forward and embrace ‘New Lifestyle Choices’. Shirley’s philosophy is that Feeling Great and Real Health are not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of mind and body – and in the case of successful quitters, an individual’s ‘Feel-Good Factor’ where he or she doesn’t have the urge to light up – as they just don’t need to.

There are already many chiropractors, tobacco treatment specialists, respiratory therapists, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturist, and other professionals, who to provide Quit Tea to supplement their in-office treatments, and help increase their patients chances of success. Like many other naturopaths, Shirley Amy was looking for effective, herbal products, to incorporate into smoking cessation program, that helps replace the habit. The book is available on for $8.99 in paperback and only $2.99 for the Kindle edition: “The Winning Way To Quit Smoking.”


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Quit Tea is a blend of herbs and spices that is intended to help you replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea. Quit Tea will help temporarily support your willpower, to get through cravings, and start a new healthier life. Quit Tea has been on the market since May 2010 sold by Quit Tea LLC, a privately owned company based in New York, New York.



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