Major online retailers such as, and, have Quit Tea as the top selling “alternative quit smoking aid” this Resolution Season. The category includes non-nicotine products for smoking cessation, that provide a new option for smokers in this billion dollar a year market.

NEW YORK, NY., January 24, 2014 – This January, Resolution Season, Quit Tea has been at the top of the best selling lists on many major online retailers in the category of “alternative quit smoking aids” or “non-nicotine smoking cessation aids.” The small but growing category of “alternatives” is significant to smokers desperate for new options to help them break the habit., a subsidiary of Walgreens, has Quit Tea at the top of best selling list. has Quit Tea classified under “Smoking Cessation Aids” and the sub-category of “Alternative Therapies.” There are eleven products in the category, and Quit Tea has consistently been at the top of the list. The second ranking product in the category is cigarette filters, which are only intended to reduce the amount of smoke inhaled from a cigarette. has an even larger selection of smoking cessation aids. The classification Quit Tea falls under on is “Smoking Cessation” under the grouping of “Health & Personal Care.” Quit Tea is ranked in the Top 50 products for the category this January. And more importantly is the top selling non-nicotine product on the list. Everything ranking higher in sales than Quit Tea on for the category is either some form of nicotine replacement, or a hookah product.

For almost two years now, Quit Tea has been one of the top selling product on, the largest private smoking cessation resource and information website. Founded in 1997, began as a platform to promote smoking cessation online. Their online store sells 53 products ranging from filters to tobacco chewing replacement products. Quit Tea can consistently be found at or near the top of their best selling list.

Sales of smoking cessation products were over $1 billion domestically last year, and the share to the “alternative” category has been growing as the public becomes more aware that other options available.

For retailers, Quit Tea is available through Select Nutrition Distributors.


About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea is a blend of herbs and spices that is intended to help you replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea. Quit Tea will help temporarily support your willpower, to get through cravings, and start a new healthier lifestyle. Quit Tea is a product of Quit Tea LLC and has been on the market since May 2010. Quit Tea LLC is a privately owned company based in New York, New York.



Quit Tea LLC

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