In partnership with Costa Rican smoking cessation clinic Sin Humo, Quit Tea was part of a small trial that yielded impressive results, 75% of the smokers became smoke free, when Quit Tea was used in combination with Sin Humo’s proprietary behavioral modification therapy.

LOS ANGELES, CA., August 7, 2012 – A second trial of Quit Tea has now been conducted by an outside source. Quit Tea in combination with a behavioral modification therapy, proprietary to Sin Humo and founder Sidney Pratt, yielded a 75% smoking cessation success rate. This rate of success is significant because it is higher than either Quit Tea or the behavioral modification therapy alone.

The latest research in the field is showing the the best success rates in tobacco dependence are coming from smoking cessation professionals, using behavioral modification therapy, and an individualized treatment plan. Nicotine and tobacco dependence affect everyone differently. Depending personality, addiction levels, number of cigarettes smoked per day, and many other factors, certain treatment methods may or may not work for you.

The one common theme is that all smokers benefit from some behavioral modification therapy. Smokers range on a broad spectrum of dependence levels, and the vast majority do not need nicotine replacement. In fact, nicotine replacement could actually be detrimental to long term success. Highly addicted smokers need to be slowly tapered off nicotine, but for most smokers, going cold turkey and using herbal products like Quit Tea may be the best method.

Sidney Pratt, the founder of Sin Humo, lead the trial and reported receiving positive feed back from the smokers in his group who used Quit Tea. Sin Humo has been extremely successful in Costa Rica and is expanding across Central America, and into the United States soon. Mr. Pratt has been treating patients successfully for tobacco dependence for over a decade.

While this trial was conducted by an outside source, the results are non-scientific and could not be used to make any substantiated claims about Quit Tea. However, we find this feed back very exciting since it adds to the building evidence that Quit Tea is an effective smoking cessation aid that it may help hundreds of thousand, if not millions of Americans, and people all over the world, one day quit smoking for good.

About Quit Tea LLC

Quit Tea is a natural stop smoking aid that helps to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms, suppress appetite, improve lung function, detox the body, and more. Quit Tea is a product of Quit Tea LLC and has been on the market since May 2010. It is distributed and sold internationally online, and in health food stores and pharmacies across the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Quit Tea LLC is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, California.


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