Creating New Healthy Smoke Free Lives

Smoking Is An Addiction & A Habit


The typical smoker lights a cigarette and lifts it to their mouth thousands of times a year. This habit becomes deeply ingrained with a trigger and reward system, and becomes a behavioral dependency that last long after the addiction to nicotine is over.

Quit Co. wants to help smokers quit for good by providing products and services that are all based on behavioral modification therapy principles, something no one else is doing.

The Substitution Strategy For Quitting Smoking

Habit Loop Of Smoking

Replacing The Habit Of Smoking Is The Key To Long Term Quit Smoking Success

Start By Creating A Quit Smoking Plan


We have created this simple 5 step program to help you develope a personalized quit smoking plan.

Get Help To Quit Smoking


We provide our own products and services to help you quit smoking including: Quit Tea, Quit Support, Quit Nutrition, Quit Texts.

We also provide links to some of the best SMS programs, books, mobile apps, and info available.











Start Your New

Smoke Free Life

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