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Quit Market Bot IconSMS Support Can Be Your Best Tool

The National Institute of Health has the best text messaging program available now. SMS support has been proven to drastically increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. Signing up is free. Just pick a quit date and enter your mobile phone number.

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We have created a new text messaging program to help smokers prepare to quit 1 week before their Quit Date, and 1 month after quitting, 40 messages in total.

Every morning at 7:00 am a supportive and informative text message will arrive.

Sign up to the right – exactly 1 week before your Quit Date.

For more information visit Quit Texts

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Responsive Text Support From Smokefree.gov

Hand holding mobile phone with icons. Concept of communicationThe most powerful part of this texting program is the responsiveness. You can text these Keywords for a custom text responsive with reminders to help you get through your cravings.

  • CRAVE – Having a bad craving & need a reminder of why you shouldn’t pick up that cig? Text CRAVE to: 47848
  • MOOD – Having a rough day & need a positive message sent your way? We could all use a little boost sometimes. Text MOOD to: 47848
  • SLIP – Slip up? That doesn’t mean you have to start from the beginning! Get the extra encouragement to keep on going. Text SLIP to: 47848
  • STOP – Want to stop receiving messages? No matter what your reason, you can opt out of our program whenever you want. Text STOP to: 47848. You can sign up again at any time by visiting our website!

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