Break The Habit Loop of Smoking

Stop your bad habits by replacing them sign use the substitution strategy of quitting smoking


Smoking is an addiction to nicotine that lasts a few days, to a few week tops.  Smoking is also a habit that is deeply engrained in the brain, and can last a lifetime if not replaced by something else.

Quit Co is committed to helping smokers quit by providing products and services, based on behavioral modification principles, to help replace the habit of smoking with something healthy.

All habits work in a loop: Cue, habit, reward. Smoking is the habit, not the cue or reward. Below the infograhic explains how it is possible to find a new healthy habit/action that can be performed when there is a cue to smoke, and that provides the same reward.

Substitution Strategy For Quitting Smoking

Watch the video to easily to learn how to quit smoking and understand why smoking is a habit that can be replaced.

Young woman with broken cigarette. Stop smoking concept.

Smoking is an addiction, however the physical addiction to nicotine does not last long. The habit lasts a lifetime, and must be replaced with something new.

Keep The Triggers & Rewards – Replace The Habit!

Habit Loop Infographic Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking


There are always going to be cues, or triggers, for you to smoke; these are stress, morning coffee, driving to work, boredom, seeing others smoking. These are personal


The habit is the action automatically taken after seeing the cue.  It is a patterned engrain after repeating a series of actions.  The habit is smoking, and is the part of the loop that can be replaced while leaving the cue and reward the same.


The reward is not the nicotine, as you might think.  The reward is often the break from work, socialization, relief from boredom, or just a feeling of being less stressed because you have completed the habit loop at the same time as every day before.

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